ceramic artist

Tsuyoshi HOTATE

Light & Shade

Bowl with colored slip and inlay


I expressed "light and shadow" by the contrast of the component such as the difference of the texture of the surface, the contrast of the color of white and black, and the form using two kinds of curves. I would like to create innovative works that will be carried over to the next era using traditional Japanese pottery techniques that have a long history.

Tsuyoshi Hotate】
Kita 2-35-18 Kunitachi-city , Tokyo Jpan 186-0001
Phone 81-42-840-9824
Mobile 81-80-5491-1161
Mail tsuyoshi-hotate@kunitachi-tougeisha.com

 Date of Birth 
1986/ Graduate/ Chuo-university Laws/ Bachelor of Laws
2020/ Tsuyoshi Hotate ceramic art exhibition/ Mitsukoshi-Nihonbashi/ art floor/ Tokyo/ Japan
So many exhibitions at Tokyo,Kyoto,Nagano,Niigata,Kanazawa,Kobe etc.
2019/ Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019/ Excellence Prize
2014/ Grand prize/ TOBITEN2nd/ the Ceramic Art Society of Japan/ Tokyo/ Japan
2013/ The Asahi Shimbun Award/ 53th Exhibition of Japan Kogei association East Japan Branch/ Tokyo/ Jpan
2013/ Encouragement Prize/ 5th Kikuchi Biennale/ Tokyo/J apan
2019 /MOA Museum of Art/ Shizuoka/ Japan
2014/ Imperial Household Agency of Japn/ Tokyo/ Japan
2013/ Imperial Household Agency of Japn/ Tokyo/ Japan
2013/ Kaohsiung City Hall/ Kaohsiung/ Taiwan